Merlynda Marlene  * Cabaret Artiste  * 
Award Winning  Comedy  &  Satire  
Singer Songwriter
Unique  &  Original  Singing Ventriloquist  
Marlene Dietrich Tribute Artiste

  • Cabaret Comedy Singer - Comic Artiste 

  • Original  & Unique Singing Ventriloquist

  • Award Winning Cabaret Comedy Songs and Comedy Ballads Singer Songwriter

  • Marlene Dietrich Tribute Artiste

Merlynda Marlene

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Merlynda Marlene


Cabaret Comical and Satirical Songs


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One of Merlynda Marlene's

Award-Winning Cabaret Comical Songs:  'The Suicide's Song'

Merlynda Marlene

- Singing Ventriloquist - 

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Perform Her Singing Ventriloquism -

Together With The Kind Assistance Of

Her Little Puppet -'Miss Melody Meerkat'